Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10


During the COVID-19 campus closure, OLu teachers will continue to deliver planned lessons for each class session covering the same content and skills that they would on campus via their current Learning Management System-Blackboard or PowerSchool Learning. Teachers will continue to use the same instructional technology that they would on campus, and will continue to organize their Learning Management System to deliver instructional content to students in the same way that they have been doing, in order to maintain clarity and consistency. Additionally, teachers will email a Daily Checklist by 8:25 am for all class sessions scheduled each day, in order to provide students with clear, proactive communication regarding their learning for the day. Below is a set of actions with resources to help implement a plan that works best for each course to promote the welfare of our students.


Each parent has a personal login for PowerSchool, through which student progress may be tracked. If a parent or student is unable to restore a lost or forgotten password through the “forgot password” link, or needs other technical assistance, he or she may reach out to IT at techsupport@lhsoc.org or 714-998-5151 x404 for assistance.

On-Campus Classes vs. Remote Learning Classes

On-Campus Class
Remote Learning Class
Attendance Teachers will continue to track attendance with PowerSchool. Students are considered absent if they do not complete the learning activity for each class session by midnight on the day of the scheduled class session.
Direct Instruction Teachers will post videos, screencasts, presentations, online resources, and active lectures to their Learning Management System-Blackboard or PowerSchool Learning using resources such as Edpuzzle, QuickTime, Educreations, the recording feature on the iPad, and Pear Deck (student-paced mode).
Discussion and Collaboration Teachers will use Discussion Forums or Google Suite (docs, forms) to post a prompt, image, or passage and ask students to respond. Teachers will use Google Suite (docs, spreadsheets, slides) for collaborative work.
Assignments Students will submit assignments through Blackboard, PowerSchool Learning, or Showbie, in the same way that they have been submitting assignments thus far.
Assessments Teachers will use SchoolNet, Showbie, or their Learning Management System-Blackboard or PowerSchool Learning, to deliver quizzes and tests.

Department of Special Programs and Services (DSPS)

Mrs. Danielle Kelso will continue to work with our teachers to meet the needs of our DSPS students. All students will continue to receive their accommodations for assignments, quizzes, and tests during this period of remote learning. Comprehensive students will continue to receive lab services in the form of weekly grade checks and communication with their lab teacher.


We continue to value and prioritize relationships with our entire community, and so communication with teachers is very important during this time.  Please note that teachers are expected to respond to email within 24 hours (2 business days). Additionally, teachers will proactively email a Daily Checklist to students that explains their learning for each scheduled class session.


In addition to email, there are a variety of ways to get in contact with your teachers.

  • Office Hours: Teachers and those connected to students have set office hours and will be available at least 2 hours a day, Monday-Friday. Office hours can be found here.
    • By Phone: All full-time school employees can continue to be reached via their school phone extension. Dialing this number will ring directly to a phone in their remote locations. A complete listing of teacher office hours and their phone extension can be found here.
    • By Video Conferencing: Many teachers will be utilizing Google Hangouts (video chat) to stay connected with students and our community. Download on your iPad here.

Outstanding Assessments

For all outstanding assessments that are eligible to be completed, teachers will temporarily enter a “missing” dash into the gradebook. Upon return to on-campus learning, teachers will provide a reasonable amount of time for assessments to be completed in the Testing Center.

Teachers may also provide an alternative virtual assessment for students to make up during this time of remote learning.

Academic Conduct Code

It is important to remember that though students are engaged in a remote learning environment, the policies and principles of the Academic Conduct Code still apply.  The learning environment at Orange Lutheran includes the exchange of ideas, the pursuit of truth (distinctly through the Truth Incarnate: Jesus Christ), and the quest for knowledge.  In maintaining appropriate academic conduct students will build mutual trust, cultivate character development, and learn to live responsibly in a community setting. Specifically, students may not engage in cheating, plagiarism, or forgery and are expected to demonstrate academic responsibility.


The Counseling Department will continue to support students in the remote learning environment.  Counselors will be available by email, telephone, and video conferencing. The Counseling Department remains a tremendous resource as students navigate the myriad changes and the emotions accompanying this new reality.

Students and parents are encouraged to reach out to their counselor directly by email or phone with any questions or concerns. However, if you are in need of immediate assistance or have an urgent concern that needs attention from a counselor, please contact the virtual drop-in counselor utilizing the weekly schedule and the counselor contact information listed here.


Student attendance is still required in the remote learning environment.  Attendance will be demonstrated by completing a learning activity before midnight on the day the class is scheduled.  Since attendance is based upon completion of remote learning environment activities, students are expected to participate on a daily basis.  No absences will be considered as excused absences.

If a student were to miss multiple class periods for any reason, please contact the Assistant Principal of Students and Services, Mr. Mike Grasz (grasz@lhsoc.org).

Remote Learning Etiquette

The remote learning environment will be governed by the same policies and principles as the on-campus learning environment.  Students will be expected to demonstrate kindness, respect, empathy, and integrity in their interactions with others in the remote learning environment.  The following are some examples of how this behavior might be demonstrated in a remote learning environment:

  • All academic pursuits should meet the requirements of the Academic Conduct Code.
  • In various mediums, allow others the opportunity to communicate.
  • Wait for a speaker to complete their thought before entering the conversation.
  • Refrain from disrupting the opportunity for others to engage in the learning activity.
  • Demonstrate respect when disagreeing.
  • In any video setting, ensure all content is consistent with the purpose, values, or standards of Orange Lutheran High School.  This includes clothing, location, background, and anything within view of the audience. (examples – don’t send a video or join a meeting from your bathroom or from a swimming pool)
  • All posts, comments, uploads, and virtual collaborative work must be consistent with the purpose, values, and standards of Orange Lutheran High School.

Athletics, Performing Arts, and Student Life

We highly value keeping our students connected at Orange Lutheran.  Therefore, in this remote learning environment, program leaders, teachers, directors and/or coaches will be reaching out via email to the students in their respective programs at least once per week.  Ideas for staying fit, practicing sport-specific skills, and for maintaining extracurricular skill levels may be provided. These activities are to be done in a remote setting with parent permission only, while practicing social distancing.  In addition, students may also have the opportunity to engage in community via Google Hangouts or by way of other virtual platforms.

Service Hours

As long as students are praying for others and following the advice of our medical experts, they will meet the requirements for Service for Society hours for the year.

AP Exams

The College Board recently released the 2020 AP Testing Guide, which provides students with important information for their AP Exam test day(s). Additional student support materials recently released by the College Board include a 2020 AP Exam Day Checklist, a series of “Explainer Videos,” and an AP Exam Demonstration Site that allows students to practice key logistics before exam day. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with these key resources before your student’s scheduled AP Exam day(s). Our teachers are also sharing this information with students during class time this week.


In their College Board account, students should elect colleges to receive their score reports by June 20, 2020. In the College Board system, our school name is Lutheran High School of Orange County, and our school code is 052269.


While we strongly encourage students to take their scheduled AP Exams, any student already registered for an exam can choose to cancel at no charge. Refunds for cancelled tests will occur after the last scheduled AP Exam test date. Please contact the College Board directly with additional questions or concerns regarding AP exams for 2020. Finally, please be sure to mark collegeboard@e.collegeboard.org as part of your approved sender lists to ensure receipt of email communication from the College Board.

Final Exams/Assessments

Orange Lutheran’s goal is to personalize learning and reduce student stress during this time. Accordingly, for semester 2, 2020, we will adapt the traditionally administered final exams worth 20% of students’ overall course grades. Instead, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of essential understandings and skills by completing a culminating assessment worth 10% of their overall grade in each course. These assessments will be due by 11:59 pm on the traditionally scheduled final exam date for each course.

Contact the Response Team

Questions that are not answered on this page, the COVID-19 page, or in Community Update emails may be sent to responseteam@lhsoc.org. Due to a high volume of inquiries, please allow 24 hours for a reply by a Response Team member.