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Flexible Individualized Learning

A leader in Christian online education since 2004, Orange Lutheran Online (OLO) brings the Orange Lutheran experience and incredible flexibility to students on campus and worldwide. With over 50 courses to choose from in a wide variety of disciplines, including core courses that are NCAA and UC-approved as well as Advanced Placement (AP) courses, OLO makes obtaining a high school diploma more convenient than ever before.


Students may enroll for a single course, a combination of online and on-campus classes, or as a full-time online student. Online summer courses are also available. Our courses are designed to meet the highest national standards for quality online courses and our online instructors are held to the same high expectations as our on-campus instructors. All OLO courses mirror the academic structure and teaching methods of traditional classroom learning, but with a convenient and flexible format.

  • Online Christian High School
  • Lutheran Education
  • Fully Accredited by WASC and NLSA
  • UC System and NCAA Approved
  • Diploma Granting


OLO offers a wide variety of courses within the below categories. Click here to download a full list of courses.

    • Math
    • Social Studies
    • Theology
    • P.E. and Health
    • English
    • Science
    • World Languages
    • Middle School
    • Electives


An Orange Lutheran High School diploma is attainable to a prospective student from anywhere in the world. A student can choose to earn all their high school credits through our online course options. We offer classes in a 16-week semester and an accelerated paced 8-week semester format.

Orange Lutheran Online runs two terms during the academic school year (fall and spring) and one summer term.

Tuition for a full-time online student is $505 per semester course. All courses must be paid in full before the first day of class, otherwise, the student will not be permitted to attend. Full-Time Online offers a completely online schedule for students who desire an Orange Lutheran academic experience but have special circumstances that do not allow them to attend school in the traditional manner (must be approved) or are outside of a 75-mile radius from Orange Lutheran’s campus.


Blended students take a blend of online classes (through Orange Lutheran Online) and on-campus classes. Blended 4 students take 3-4 on-campus classes and the remainder of their classes online. Blended 2 students take two on-campus classes and the rest of their classes online. Blended 1 students can take up to one on-campus class and the remainder of their classes online. These options provide families with a lower tuition rate (click here for tuition information).

Blended students must go through the regular campus re-enrollment process each year before applying to the Blended program. Click here to apply to Orange Lutheran and begin the standard campus admissions process.

Application Process

First, apply to Orange Lutheran and complete the regular admissions process. To apply for a Blended 1, 2, or 4 option, complete the 2024-2025 Blended Student Registration Form.

Blended Student Requirements

  • A 2.5 GPA (on-campus and online), both cumulative and in the semester before becoming a Blended student
  • Sophomores through seniors must take and pass Health with a “B-” or higher prior to becoming a Blended student

On-campus students can also take online courses to free up their campus schedule for extracurricular activities. There are no additional tuition costs for current on-campus students taking online courses during the fall and spring terms.

*All courses must be paid in full before the first day of class, otherwise, the student will not be permitted to attend.

Single Course Students are defined as students who take an online class, but do not attend Orange Lutheran and do not belong to one of our Partnership Schools. Generally, Single Course Students take classes for enrichment or for remediation. Tuition for Single Course Students is $505 per semester course.

Algebra Bridge Online is a three-week summer course (15 days) covering second-semester Algebra 1. The course is taken as a refresher or review of an Algebra 1 course previously completed. Algebra Bridge is specifically designed to review the major concepts of Algebra, especially in the second semester.


Students receive no credit for this course, but they can enroll in Geometry or Honors Geometry on-ground based on their grade. Students must pass the course with a grade of 70% to enroll in Geometry, or they must pass the course with an 90% to enroll in Honors Geometry.


The course is mastery-based, meaning that each concept must be mastered before moving on to the next concept. Students can expect to spend approximately four hours per day reviewing and practicing concepts, checking their understanding, and taking checkpoint quizzes and exams. Each checkpoint and exam can be taken unlimited times, but students must score 80% or higher to move on to the next concept.


Other facts about Algebra Bridge:

  • Algebra Bridge is taught as an independent study, self-paced class monitored by an online math teacher
  • Rolling start dates in the summer; must be completed between 3-6 weeks
  • $505 tuition

Health is a required semester course and is best taken before sophomore year. It is also a prerequisite for taking OLO courses.

Orange Lutheran Online (OLO) offers an 8-week summer session to complete semester courses for advancement or remediation/credit recovery. The courses are asynchronous, meaning students do not need to come on campus to take the courses. Courses can be completed anywhere with wifi access, however, assignments are due daily, and students should plan to spend 1-2 hours on coursework per lesson per course. Nearly all courses are available online in the summer, except AP courses.



June 10 – August 2, 2024

Fall 1

August 19 – October 13, 2024

Fall 2

October 14 – December 8, 2024

Spring 1

January 6 – March 2, 2025

Spring 2

March 24 – May 18, 2025


What kind of student is successful online?

Because of the independent nature of online courses, students who are organized, have good time management skills, and are self-motivated learners seem to be the most successful online learners. Online learners should also be able to self-advocate and ask for support from their teacher and/or advisor.

Do I have to login at a certain time of the day?

No, students do not have to login at a certain time. Students can login throughout the day as they have free time or a free period; however, there are specific due dates. Students are required to turn in their homework by midnight on the due date in order to be counted as on time.

Can I go at my own pace?

Students are welcome to work ahead, but expected to be present in the class by participating every week. Our attendance policy states the following: Students must post something (either a Discussion Question, DQ response, or post an assignment) on a minimum of two separate days of the week to meet the minimum attendance requirement. However, to be successful in online classes, students should plan to log in and post on four to five days out of the week in order to not fall behind.

Is live support offered?

Yes, each class has a teacher who facilitates the classroom, makes weekly announcements, grades student work, provides feedback and sends weekly evaluations to the student and parents. Each teacher sets an office hour Monday-Friday in which they are available for the students to call or email. Students can reach out to their teachers at any time or day. Each student is also assigned an academic advisor who works on OLu’s campus who serves as another line of support for the students. Tech Support is also available, and can be contacted by phone, support ticket, email or in-person on campus.



Dr. Joy Karavedas

Director of Individualized Academic Programs
714-998-5151 x658

OLO Portraits_Kyle Mittskus

Mr. Kyle Mittskus

Associate Director, OLO
714-998-5151 x657


Mrs. Cindy Schlichtemeier

Manager of Online Operations
Academic Advisor, Full-time Online, Single Course Students, Blended 1 & 2
Partner School Liaison
714-998-5151 x679


Ms. Gina Andrade

Academic and Operations Support Coordinator
Ice Academy/Hockey Program
714-998-5151 x545

OLO Portraits_Jennifer Abbot

Mrs. Jennifer Abbott

Academic Coordinator
Campus/Blended Students A-K

OLO Portraits_Stacey Houston

Mrs. Stacey Houston

Academic Coordinator,
Campus/Blended Students L-Z
714-998-5151 x645

OLO Portraits_Maili Gest

Ms. Maili Gest

Administrative Assistant
(714) 998-5151 ext. 567

Online Tech Support