At the end of January, we communicated with families about the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-2019) in this post. In addition to providing recommendations for proactive measures that we can take to ensure a healthy campus environment, we promised to provide updates should new information become available.


If you have been tracking recent updates, you may already be aware that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended the potential future need to engage social distancing measures due to the possible risk of the spread of Coronavirus. The need for schools to engage the appropriate steps to prepare was also included in this recent update. You may also be aware that Orange County recently proactively declared a local emergency for the sake of engaging preparation measures should the concern grow.


While the risk for this action is currently low, a future decision on this matter may require leveraging our existing learning management systems to allow students to continue to engage in teaching and learning remotely, meaning not on campus. This would potentially mean that Orange Lutheran would institute a campus closure if deemed necessary in the future. A scenario involving closing our campus would also be likely seen as consistent with other local schools. As a response to this, and as many of you are aware, Orange Lutheran has been blessed with a nearly twenty-year history of engaging a remote learning environment with success through our online program, Orange Lutheran Online. In addition to a contingency plan to adjust the delivery of instruction and maintain school operations remotely, we have also analyzed the potential impact on athletics, student travel, and other modes of programming that our community engages in. Should this become necessary, we would communicate this information and steps to be taken at the appropriate time with as much advance notice as possible.


Orange Lutheran is an independent organization, and our decisions will always be made according to what is in the best interest of our community. Our analysis in this respect also considers the close monitoring, evaluation, and decision making that is occurring from government offices at the federal, state, local, and Orange Unified School district. Again, we continue to prioritize our communication with you as our valued community, and we remain committed to providing updates should new information become available and should a new approach be engaged. In the meantime, please refer to the following links for accurate information regarding previous communication, steps that we can take to ensure a healthy campus environment, and other resources related to this matter.


Update to OLu Attendance Policy (effective immediately):
In an effort to encourage students who are ill to remain home and not risk infecting others, Orange Lutheran will allow exemptions to the Attendance Policy in regards to excessive absences. Students who miss school with flu symptoms will be exempt from the current policy application for excessive absences. Students will be required to provide a doctor’s note for the days of absence.


Additional Resources:
Prevention & Treatment Strategies from the CDC
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