For students interested in careers in law enforcement or firefighting, Orange Lutheran’s First Responders Academy (FRA) offers a high school experience like no other. By dividing coursework between online and on-campus classes, Academy students can take advantage of experiential learning opportunities in the First Responder field of their interest without missing the Christ-centered education, social events, academic support, counselors, teachers, activities, and campus facilities that only Orange Lutheran can offer.



The First Responders Academy (FRA) engages students passionate about exploring future career options in the areas of law enforcement or fire. A blended academic mix of online courses, on-campus courses, and co-curricular learning opportunities develop key competencies for a future career as a First Responder. Individualized learning opportunities may include:

  • Fire and police station tours
  • Lectures and learning sessions led by professionals in the field
  • Ride-along opportunities (senior year)
  • Training in Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED, with certification upon completion


Students in the academy take courses designed to engage and explore a future in criminal justice and fire technology.  The inclusion of online courses allows space for individualized academy scheduling while allowing students to enjoy the community benefits of the high school experience at Orange Lutheran.  Experiential learning opportunities will bring coursework to life through field trips, presentations, and service alongside trained First Responders.

Jump Start College Coursework


Junior and senior year coursework includes dual credit courses through Santa Ana College that provide a pathway to enter SAC’s Criminal Justice Academy or Fire Academy. During the senior year, FRA members will design and implement an individualized capstone project in an area of their interest. Once approved, a community mentor will be appointed to assist the student with developing the capstone project during their senior year. Each academic year will include a culminating Capstone Showcase, open to parents and community members, in which each academy member will present their project.

Students who complete the First Responders Academy will develop the fundamental training and skills needed to prepare them for a life of service to their community as First Responders. Students who complete academy requirements will receive a First Responders Academy designation on their transcript and dual credit for academy courses taken through Santa Ana College.


In addition to completing the required coursework, students must complete 25 hours of experiential and service learning each year in the academy. Experiential and service learning opportunities include fire and police station tours, presentations by professionals in the field, ride-along opportunities, tactical medicine, First Aid/CPR training, field service opportunities, mock interviews, and mentoring The list of requirements is linked here:  First Responders Academy Requirements

Participation in the full blended model of the First Responders Academy requires an annual nonrefundable fee of $750 per year, which covers equipment, experiential and service learning opportunities, field trips, transportation, uniforms and apparel, and other needs.  Applications for the First Responders Academy will open on February 1.


Students must have submitted an Orange Lutheran Admission Application before applying for the First Responders Academy. Once an Orange Lutheran Admission Application has been submitted (or if you are a current Orange Lutheran student), you may complete the First Responders Academy Application here: First Responders Academy Application.


Who can participate in the First Responders Academy?

FRA is open to all Orange Lutheran students, including Freshmen, with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.  

Can I play sports and be in the FRA?

Yes! The flexibility of the coursework works well for our OLu athletes. Our counselors and advisors will do their best to accommodate the schedule challenges for OLu athletes wishing to participate in the FRA.

Will I have to take online classes?

The first two FRA specific classes are online to  allow flexibility in the student’s schedule.  Junior and senior level courses are taken as dual credit with Santa Ana College and will be in the modality offered by the college.  Instructor-led learning and study sessions are available on campus for all online courses, providing students with face-to-face interaction with their instructor.  All FRA courses are taught by current or retired first responders.

Is there a cost associated with the First Responders Academy?

Please contact Mrs. Joy Katavedas at regarding program costs. 

Orange Lutheran First Responders Academy