Brand Manual

The Importance of Brand Standards

All communications from the school and affiliated groups are reflections of Orange Lutheran High School. Terminology, publications, logos, colors, fonts, imagery, apparel, merchandise, uniforms, school signage, banners, video, email, social media, websites, and more are all project attributes of what it is like to be a Lancer, as well as what we represent and who we represent.

Brand standards improve the consistency and effectiveness of Orange Lutheran’s communications. In today’s ever-increasing competitive environment, every individual that Orange Lutheran connects with is inundated with information competing for attention. Orange Lutheran commits significant time, effort, and resources intended to break through the clutter, represent ourselves accurately, and present the reader, viewer, follower, or other recipient of our messaging with a clear understanding of what we can offer.


The Benefits of Consistency, Branding & Communication Standards

  • Greater awareness and understanding of Orange Lutheran High School, our mission, vision, and core values, and importantly, our people and programs.
  • Enhanced ability to succeed in reaching target audiences
  • Differentiation from competing high schools
  • Improved credibility and memorability
  • Improved fundraising potential


How to Use the Brand Manual

Orange Lutheran’s Brand Manual is maintained by Marketing & Communications. All content and guidelines are subject to change and may be revised periodically to maintain standards and keep our organizational identity fresh and current. This digital Brand Manual is intended to answer the most frequently asked questions, however, not every question has a black-and-white answer or requires special consideration outside of the standards. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you have a special situation, please reach out to MarCom – we are here to help you and are on your side! Just email for assistance.