Who We Are

Mission Statement

To help students internalize the Gospel message of salvation in Christ Jesus.

Vision Statement

Orange Lutheran remains a Christ-Centered high school providing transformational learning and life experiences to prepare the Lancer community to serve the people of the world.


Strengthened by Faith. Prepared for Life.

Core Values

Because of the identity we have in Christ and as faithful stewards of the educational ministry God has called us to, we have chosen our Core Values to guide our plans, actions, and decision-making process (Titus 3:5-8, 1 Peter 4:10, Philippians 2:1-4):

  • Biblical Truth
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Relationships


In 1959, a group of Christian men and women began meeting regularly with the establishment of a Lutheran high school in Orange County as their purpose. With no campus, no buildings, and no staff, the school was only a vision of its founders. But at the end of each meeting, one of those founders would pass around his hat, and all would offer whatever change was in their pockets.

Finally, in 1973, Lutheran High School of Orange County opened its doors to students. Under founding principal Herbert Stuenkel, the campus was modest: just nine academic classrooms, a library, a couple laboratories, and a few ancillary facilities. But the founders and families were energized by the prospect of this new school. Lutheran High School graduated its first class, numbering fifteen, in June of 1976.

Throughout the years, our family has certainly grown. Enrollment that first year was just shy of 100 students; today we welcome over 1,350 young men and women every day.

Facilities have indeed grown as well. In 1973 the building consisted of two hallways and a small front entrance. Later years saw the addition of two more hallways; creating a perfect square embracing first a patio, then a gymnasium.

In 2000, the God’s Plan…Our Future construction campaign increased the size and scope once again. Thanks to the generous support of donors, parents, and alumni, the campus once again grew in size with the addition of new faculty offices, an expanded parking lot, landscaping, and five new classrooms. The next year added more enhancements: a second story addition, ten new classrooms, including biology labs and a greenhouse, a multi-media resource center and an entirely new football/soccer field with state-of-the-art artificial turf and an all-weather track.

In 2002, the gym that had previously been in the center of the school was moved to a freestanding “field house.” The 1,800 seat gym rests at the top of the building, while the lower level is home to a 3,400 square foot weight room, a wrestling room, a state-of-the-art team room, offices, and a training room.

In Fall 2003, the Alexandra Nechita Center for the Arts opened in the space once occupied by the old gym – the heart of the school. The 740-seat performance hall is home to drama, dance, instrumental and vocal music productions, guest speakers and special chapel services.

Orange Lutheran embarked on its biggest expansion to date in 2014 with the Beyond Expectations project. Completed in just over a year, the project added 40,000 sq. ft. to the school’s footprint. Included in the upgrades were a 12,000 sq. ft. student union and cafe, a lower gym, a weight room, study pods for group learning, and a new training room and locker rooms.

Orange Lutheran has been blessed with the love and support of our friends and families making these incredible improvements possible. We look forward to what the Lord has in store for us as we remain a high-quality academic institution that disciples young people for Jesus Christ.

Alma Mater

About a month before the opening of Lutheran High School of Orange County in 1973, founding teacher Richard Grice was asked to write the school’s Alma Mater. However, instead of writing verses praising the school, as many Alma Maters tend to do, he decided to write a prayer to Jesus. “It was important to me that the Alma Mater focused on Christ,” Grice said. “It was not so much a praise to the school, but a praise to the school’s foundation.”

Today, the first verse of the Alma Mater is sung when we gather together as a Lancer community, whether it is after a football game, during Daily Gathering, or at events. As such, we stand together and join hands in the shape of an “L” while we sing to show that we are united as Lancers. It is also appropriate to point upward as you sing instead of joining hands. We point upward together at the line, “As armored soldiers of the Cross” to express that we sing to Him. We point upward one more time as we “claim the prize,” indicating that we celebrate all God has done for us and promised to us in Christ Jesus.

Verse 1
O Lutheran High we stand beside you
Proud to wear your name;
Anchored in the Hope Eternal,
Ever to remain.
O may your cherished truths be taught
As strength from day to day;
May your campus be a refuge
To all along the way.
Devoted to the love of Christ,
Supreme in all our lives;
As armored soldiers of the Cross
We claim the prize.

Verse 2
O Lutheran High School – Lutheran High School
Always true to you;
All our days we’ll sing your praise
With hearts and courage true.
O lift your colors ever higher
And the truths they hold;
Proud are we to wave on high
The Red and White and Gold.
We pledge to you O Lutheran High
Our trust and loyalty;
Through smiles and tears of future years
We’ll rise to honor thee.