Style Guide

Orange Lutheran’s Style Guide is maintained by Marketing & Communications. All content and guidelines are subject to change and may be revised periodically to maintain standards and keep organizational identity fresh and current. If you have questions about what is stated on this site, or if you have a special situation that requires working outside of these guidelines, just let us know! We’re here to help. Email for assistance.


  • Always spell out the names of months when it stands alone, with specific years and when space allows. If necessary, only use abbreviations when used with a specific date.
    • Examples: She graduated in December 2011. She graduated on Dec. 14, 2011.
  • Always use numerals (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) for dates. Do not use ordinals (i.e., 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.). June 1 is correct, June 1st is incorrect.
  • Use four digits when referencing a specific year. Don’t abbreviate it unless referring to an alumnus (such as ’98).
    • When referring to the year of a graduate and following their name, backward apostrophe is preferred in place of the first two digits if the font allows. This can be achieved by using Shift + Option + ] on Mac.
  • When referencing a range of years, it is acceptable to use a two-digit year (2008-09).
  • If using numerals for the month, day, and year (only recommended for informal documents), the format is as follows: MM/DD/YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY. Do not use periods between month, day, and year as it can be difficult for those with visual impairments to read easily.
  • If the date referenced occurs in the current year, the year is not necessary.



  • Use figures for time, except for noon and midnight.
  • Omit periods from am and pm.
  • If a start or end time is on the hour, do not use a colon with 00. 10 am is correct, 10:00 am is incorrect.
  • Specify the time of day by using am or pm with a space between the hour and the time of day (e.g., 10 am, not 10am).
  • Avoid redundancies such as 10 am in the morning.



  • Use abbreviations for Ave., Blvd., and St. with numbered addresses. Spell out and capitalize them when referencing a formal street name without a number.
    • Examples: She lives at 123 Main St. The building is on Grant Street between 18th and 19th avenues.


Phone Numbers

  • Use dashes, not periods. Examples: 714-998-5151 is correct, 714.998.5151 is incorrect. This is to ensure maximum readability by those with visual impairments.
  • The “1” is not necessary when writing long-distance or toll-free telephone numbers.
  • Extensions should be written as xXXX, e.g., x641.



At Orange Lutheran, alumni are to be referred to by their first name, last name, and the year they graduated, without commas (e.g., John Doe ’07). Note that the apostrophe preceding the two-digit year is backward, Option + Shift + ] on Mac or Alt + 0146 on PC.

  • Incorrect: John Doe, 2007, John Doe, 07. Correct: John Doe ’07


Married Alumni

If an alumna has married and changed her last name since graduation, she should be referred to by her first name, maiden name in parentheses, last name, and graduation year (e.g., Jane (Jones) Doe ’07).

  • Incorrect: Jane Doe (Jones) ’07, Jane Jones ’07 Doe, Jane Jones Doe ’07 (unless they formally go by their maiden and married last names). Correct: Jane (Jones) Doe ’07


Multiple Alumni

If more than one graduate is mentioned in a sequence, the first person receives their graduation year following their first name, and the last person receives their graduation year following the collective last name. If the last name is mentioned before the first names, the year should follow each first name accordingly.

  • Incorrect: Nate Barrett ’13 and Jeremy Barrett ’15 are musicians. Correct: Nate ’13 and Jeremy Barrett ’15 are musicians. In the Barrett family, Nate ’13 and Jeremy ’15 are musicians. Doug Jones is the father of Bob ’15, Christi ’17, and Jane ’22.


School Systems

  • FACTS is the service used to pay tuition and manage financial aid at Orange Lutheran. It is written in all caps, without periods.


  • ParentSquare is our primary communication platform as of 2021. It is written as one word with the S capitalized.


  • PowerSchool is our system for records management, including grades. Like ParentSquare, it is written as one word with the S capitalized.


  • Blackboard is our platform for presenting online courses.


Campus Facilities

  • OLu is a casual reference to Orange Lutheran High School. The “u” is in lowercase to differentiate it from an acronym. Whenever possible, the “u” should be lowercase, but if this is not possible, or if all capital letters are more aesthetically pleasing, then the “u” should be a smaller font size than the preceding letters. Exceptions to this must be approved by the Director of Marketing and Communications.


  • Alexandra Nechita Center for the Arts is Orange Lutheran’s performing arts center, located on the Main Campus. Nechita Center for the Arts and Nechita Center are acceptable for casual use, but Alexandra Nechita Center for the Arts is preferred.


  • Ellwein Center refers to the entire gymnasium on the Main Campus. Use “Upper Gym” or “Lower Gym” to designate a specific space in the building.


  • Borland Student Union is the outdoor commonplace at the Main Campus where students study, eat, and socialize. Events are also held here. Borland Student Union should be used whenever possible, but Student Union is acceptable when used for internal and student-facing communications.


  • Learning Commons, formerly known as the library, is a space in the 600 hallway used for studying and academic work.


  • OLu Cafe is OLu’s on-campus quick-serve restaurant and cafeteria.


  • Main Campus is Orange Lutheran’s facility located at 2222 N. Santiago Blvd., Orange. Usage of the term Main Campus began in June 2022 to designate the facility from the North Campus.


  • North Campus is Orange Lutheran’s facility located at 3111 N. Tustin St., Orange.


  • Lancer Ice Academy is Orange Lutheran’s hockey-focused learning facility, located at 300 W. Lincoln Ave., Anaheim (The Rinks).


  • The Orange Lutheran Thrift Shop is Orange Lutheran’s thrift store that supports student financial aid. It is located at 676 N. Tustin St., Orange. It is commonly known as the Lutheran High Thrift Shop or LuHigh Thrift Shop, however, the Orange Lutheran Thrift Shop is the proper and modern term.