Logos & Cross

Logos are located here. This list is certainly not all-inclusive, as new logos for sub-brands are created periodically. If you need a logo beyond what is available in the linked folder or listed below, email marketing@lhsoc.org for assistance.


The cross may be used with or without the outline and must be used in red, gold, white, black, or gray. It must appear on all school-wide apparel, i.e. game day jerseys, Service Day shirts, class-specific shirts, and Missions shirts. Placing it near the L can save on imprint costs without diluting its message.

L Logo

The L is our most identifiable logo and should be treated properly. Ideally, it will be used as a white L on a red background as shown, but the L can also appear in red, gold, and black (as long as other elements are black as well). The L may be used with a gold or red outline depending on the circumstances and design, however, run it by MarCom before proceeding with an order to ensure that it meets the standards. The L should not appear in any other colors without approval from the MarCom office, nor should it be used as part of a word (i.e. substituting the letter L in a word) without prior MarCom approval.

Shield L Logo

The Shield L is a protected, trademarked logo, which forbids outside organizations or individuals from using it without prior approval from the MarCom office. It may be used on documents, products, postcards, and other items, but is most frequently used in conjunction with Athletics and programs. It may be used in a variety of color combinations but should never be used in anything other than our brand colors. The logo may not be outlined without prior approval from the MarCom office. Additionally, if you need this logo modified to represent a group or department, contact MarCom for assistance.

Orange Lutheran High School
Official Logo

Our official logo is a protected, trademarked design, which means it cannot be used without prior approval from the MarCom office. This logo is most commonly used on letterhead, envelopes, posters, and documents representing the school in an official capacity. It may only appear in red, white, or black.

50th Anniversary Logo

The 2022-2023 school year marked our 50th year of ministry. We used a special 50th logo in conjunction with our regular logos to commemorate the occasion. The cross and L were integrated into the 50th logo, so adding an additional L or cross was unnecessary. Usage of the logo began on July 1, 2022 and ceased on June 30, 2023. On or after July 1, 2023, the logo should not be used unless it is in reference to the 50th anniversary celebration or to report on something that happened in conjunction with the 50th.