Hashtags are a great way to connect your social media posts with related posts as well as to build brand awareness. The following are the most frequently used and have been established by Marketing & Communications. If you would like to use your own hashtag in addition to the below, you are welcome to, but we ask that you let MarCom know about it so that we can help you promote it or optimize it. A hashtag can only work well if multiple posts use it, so it benefits you to let us know. Just email marketing@lhsoc.org to let us know what the hashtag is and how you’ll be using it. We can also help you with hashtag creation!


All accounts should use this hashtag on all posts. That way, if a user clicks the hashtag, they see the full scope of activity at Orange Lutheran.

#LancerForLife or #LancersForLife

These tags should be used as appropriate for alumni-related posts. #LancerForLife is to describe an alumni in the singular sense, #LancersForLife should be used for groups of alumni.


This hashtag should be used on all posts relating to OLu Athletics. “OLu on 2” is in reference to the hype chant that teams say before and during games.


This hashtag was established during the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to be used to demonstrate the resiliency of the Lancer Family.