Sears Shuttle Service

Orange Lutheran provides a shuttle service between the rear parking lot of Sears (corner of Meats and Canal) and Orange Lutheran for students who either park there or are dropped off by their parents. Parental permission is required prior to the student riding the shuttle.


The shuttles are operated by LuxBus America. The volume of shuttles operating between Sears and Orange Lutheran will be increased in order to accommodate necessary social distancing protocols while riding the five-minute shuttle to and from campus. Click here to see the LuxBus protocols concerning COVID-19 in regards to busing for both motorcoach and school buses. We will be providing two buses each morning to ensure that the students get to school on time and have time for temperature checks and handwashing. There will be two buses in the morning and one bus in the afternoon. Times are subject to change as the need is observed.


Parents interested in setting up a carpool for their student should fill out the Carpool Interest Form (opens in a new window). Families will be matched up with other families by zip code and can then coordinate carpools to and from school with each other.

Student Parking

Student parking on campus will be restricted to Seniors only beginning on Thursday, February 11, 2021. All non-Seniors who are eligible to drive and park will revert to parking at Sears. All underclassmen who have Student Parking Permits and Seniors with parking permits who are not able to find parking on campus must use the Sears Shuttle. To receive a parking pass, students must complete the Parking Permit Application and show their valid driver’s license at the Welcome Center. Please refer to the Transportation section of the Parent/Student Handbook for additional information.