Student Parking

Parking on campus is a privilege for Senior students. All non-Seniors who have Student Parking Permits, as well as Seniors with parking permits who are not able to find parking on campus, must use the Offsite Shuttle. To receive a parking pass, students must complete the Parking Permit Application and show their valid driver’s license at the Welcome Center. Please refer to the Transportation section of the Parent/Student Handbook for additional information.


Are you interested in a Carpool?

We have decided to discontinue the Carpool to School App. Instead, we would like to help you navigate the setup of a carpool by providing families with a list of other interested families within your zip code.

If you are interested in participating in a carpool to or from school, please complete the form below.

Shuttle Service

Offsite Shuttle Service

Orange Lutheran provides a shuttle service between the rear parking lot of the corner of Meats and Canal in Orange and campus for students who either park there or are dropped off by their parents. Parental permission via the Offsite Shuttle Permission Form is required prior to the student riding the shuttle. Shuttle times are subject to change as the need is observed.

Transportation Details
What type of vehicle will the students be transported in?

Students are transported in yellow school buses. The buses are fully certified by the California Highway Patrol.

Do the buses have seat belts?

While some buses are fitted with seat belts, and others are not, all of the buses are fully compliant with state and federal laws pertaining to seat belts.

Is there open seating on the bus?


Who are the bus drivers?

All of the drivers are either employees of Orange Lutheran High School, or have been contracted by Orange Lutheran High School, and have completed all of the DMV exams to drive a bus and transport students. Background checks, drug tests, physicals, and extensive training have been done in order to ensure that all drivers act in accordance with the mission and values of Orange Lutheran High School.

What are the credentials, licenses, and experience levels of the bus drivers?

All drivers have completed a minimum of 40 hours of instruction.

  • 20 hours of classroom instruction
  • 20 hours of behind the wheel instruction

Additionally, all school bus and SPAB (School Pupil Activity Bus) drivers have and maintain:

  • Class A or B license, with a Passenger Endorsement, issued by the DMV
  • School Bus Certificate, or SPAB Certificate, issued by the California Highway Patrol
  • Physical every two years (annually, if 65 years of age or older)
  • First Aid Certification (biennial certification)
  • Department of Justice fingerprint clearance by the California Highway Patrol
  • Pre-employment drug testing and random drug and alcohol testing thereafter
  • Demonstrate, and maintain, proficiency in driving skills
Additional Information
If my student will not be taking the bus for one or both legs of the trip on any given day, what are the procedures for letting the driver know?

The driver will abide by the scheduled times of arrival and departure that will be clearly stated. If your child is not on the bus, it is the child’s responsibility to contact his/her parents/guardians to arrange for alternative transportation.

Where can we find the rules for student behavior on the bus?

All students of Orange Lutheran High School are expected to abide by the Behavior Expectations listed in the Parent/Student Handbook while riding school-provided transportation.

Program-related Transportation

Orange Lutheran endeavors to provide transportation for participants in athletic events, programs and activities.   Given the number of groups seeking transportation, the cost of transportation, as well as other limitations, school transportation cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, and with ample notice provided by Orange Lutheran, families may be required to provide transportation for their participating students to/from athletic events, programs and activities that lie within a reasonable distance to the Orange Lutheran campus. Please note, however, Orange Lutheran commits to providing round-trip transportation for all athletic events, programs and activities outside of Orange County. Please contact your coach or program director for additional information for your specific activity. Also be advised Orange Lutheran cannot accept liability for students transported to/from athletic events, programs and activities in private vehicles.