Preparing Students for Life with a Private Christian Education

On behalf of the nearly 1,400 students and 300 faculty, staff, and coaches who call this special campus home, we welcome you to a place where students, first and foremost, are prioritized. A home where they are consistently loved and cared for. A ministry where we proudly proclaim the gospel message of salvation found in Christ Jesus through our mission, an environment where we walk alongside and inspire students as they daily pursue and cultivate their gifts and talents, and a campus where each student’s current and future needs are met.

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Partners in Education

At Orange Lutheran, we passionately believe that our campus, teachers, and personalized environment that embraces each student is the difference that your family has been looking for. Our faculty and administration walk alongside your family in a healthy parent-school partnership and build relationships that, in turn, help students discover purpose and meaning in their lives.

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Lutheran education has a history of excellent academic standards traced back to Martin Luther himself who once said, “By helping the youth we shall be helping ourselves and all men.” Offering more than your average high school experience, students’ day-to-day lessons, activities, and interactions are Christ-centered providing a loving and safe environment. OLu offers a diverse educational experience, small class sizes, and welcomes students from a variety of religious backgrounds.

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As a school ministry that is dedicated to developing Christ-centered servant leaders, each program and activity offered at Orange Lutheran serves as a platform to honor the Lord. We remain committed to helping our students find balance and to love who they are and what they are doing. This also means that our students will learn important life skills to help prepare them for life during and beyond their high school years.



God has given every student the ability to be creative, and at Orange Lutheran, we help students discover and cultivate their individuality in any form that they choose. Whether its sculpture, dance, vocal performance, digital arts, instrumental music, painting, drawing, or another creative field, the arts at Orange Lutheran provide a balanced curriculum of theory and practical experience that empowers young artists of all disciplines.



Known for a long tradition of athletic excellence, Orange Lutheran has 27 athletic programs for boys and girls with nearly 65% of our student body actively engaged. As part of the nationally-recognized Trinity League, student-athletes compete at the highest levels of high school sports in the country. With a focus on faith and character development, Orange Lutheran Athletics seeks to pursue victory while bringing honor and glory to God.



Community in Christ is at the core of Orange Lutheran and our vibrant campus culture. Our social culture is rooted in caring relationships, high standards of personalized excellence, and a warm, energetic atmosphere that creates a fun, safe, and nurturing environment. Students connect with each other through activities such as Missions, clubs, pep rallies, dances, worship nights, and more, plus, many of these events are planned and executed by students themselves!

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High school is more than a diploma. If done well, the next four years are positively pivotal, influential, and impactful, shaping the student for life beyond the high school campus. At Orange Lutheran, Lancers are encouraged to explore new interests, challenge themselves in rigorous academic settings, and develop meaningful relationships with their peers and teachers. They’re encouraged to pursue Christ, dig deeper, and serve others. Lancers are loved and cared for as a part of a supportive community that wants everyone to succeed. Schedule a visit to learn more about how you can become part of this special community.