Orange Lutheran High School offers a variety of clubs from year to year, allowing more ways for students to become connected at Orange Lutheran High School. At the beginning of each semester, Club Rush allows students to start and/or join the clubs being offered for the current semester. All students are welcome to submit a club application for approval to the Director of Student Activities.



When representing Orange Lutheran, the members of the Ambassadors Team exemplify the definition of a “Lancer.” This group of students operates as liaisons for the school-community relations at events held on and off of campus, where the general public, as well as family and friends of the school, are present. Operating as the face of OLu, these students serve the school via hands-on-leadership that assists in telling the greater story of OLu through student voices.

Sophomores through seniors can participate in the Ambassador Leadership Team.


Orange Lutheran’s Associated Student Body (ASB) serves the student body, faculty, community, and God in several ways throughout the year. To encourage student participation at Orange Lutheran High School and cultivate communication between the students, faculty, and staff, ASB is chosen annually. ASB is comprised of elected and appointed positions and meets regularly during a class period, as well as outside of class, with the Activities Department faculty to discuss student concerns, organize school activities, promote school spirit, encourage appropriate student conduct, and encourage service to society.

This program is for freshmen through seniors.


Diffusion is a program specifically designed to create a platform for international students to celebrate cultural identity, participate in bonding events, be served and supported by mentors and tutors, as well as bridge students into the Orange Lutheran culture.  Diffusion officers are involved in the mentorship of international students who are new to OLu.

This program is for sophomore through seniors.


Engage is a student-to-student mentoring program designed to help transfers transition to becoming members of the Lancer family. The Engage program seeks to connect new students with Christ, connect new students to the Orange Lutheran High School community, and connect new students with other students.

Leadership positions in this program are for juniors and seniors.


Ignite is a student-to-student mentoring program designed to help new students transition to becoming members of the Lancer family. The Ignite program seeks to connect new students with Christ, connect new students to the Orange Lutheran High School community, and connect new students with other students.

Leadership positions in this program are for juniors and seniors.


Responding to Christ’s invitation to love Him with the whole of our being (Mark 12:30), Creative Worship students explore worship through the lens of Biblical truth, creative collaboration and musical excellence.  Students in this class serve as Orange Lutheran’s Worship Leadership Team. Together, students plan and lead weekly chapels, participate in concerts, community performances and other service opportunities. The core of the experience is designed to equip students to lead worship, point people to Christ, and help each student-leader grow and respond to God’s transforming grace.


The Instrumental Music Program exists to help nurture and grow students into life long lovers of music. The Instrumental Leadership Team further develops these student leaders into tomorrow’s servant leaders in all areas of life.

Requirements for any interested student are as follows: Must be enrolled in one or more of the following, Wind Ensemble/Honors Wind Ensemble, Colorguard, String Ensemble/Honors String Ensemble, Jazz Band, or Handbells. Students must complete an application, and must complete an interview with the Director of Instrumental Music, Mr. Zeilinger. Officer positions are available for returning leadership members and vary from year to year.


The Missions Program seeks to transform the world through transforming the lives of our students. The Missions Program is composed of students who share an interest in what God is doing locally and around the world with the goal of reaching others through service, local and international mission trips and to encourage others to be mission-minded individuals.  Missions class is available for students with a special interest in missions. The focus of the Missions classes is planning for missions’ activities around school and in the local community, as well as developing students spiritually through education in cross-cultural ministry, social justice, the history of missions, and evangelism.

Athletes & Missions Trips: Student-athletes are encouraged to attend Mission Trips outside of their season of sport.  Student-athletes who sign up for a Mission Trip during their season of sport will either not be allowed to participate on that team or forfeit their Mission Trip deposit. Multi-sport athletes must discuss availability to participate in Missions Trips with their coaches.


Rooted is a program where cultural identity is celebrated, discussed, shared, and explored. It gives students a supportive space to speak into campus culture and helps students develop self-advocacy and skills to make a difference.

Rooted officer positions are open to sophomores through seniors.


Spiritleaders promote, increase, and lead school spirit. They are to be exemplary in moral and spiritual conduct and to uphold the high standards of Orange Lutheran High School as they serve as representatives. To represent Orange Lutheran as a Spiritleader is a great honor and a heavy responsibility to be carefully considered. Spiritleaders must be deeply committed to building school spirit and to making the program a success, exemplify good sportsmanship at all times, and conduct themselves in a manner that will be a Christian witness and a credit to Orange Lutheran High School.