The Orange Lutheran Department of Special Programs & Services (DSPS) Program meets the needs of students with identified learning disabilities and other special instructional requirements including some medical needs, fostering academic growth through reasonable accommodations in curriculum and classroom expectations. Courses in the DSPS Program help students reach their graduation goals through accommodations in reading level, research expectations, and note-taking requirements. With admittance to the DSPS program, the student will be assessed an additional fee depending on the level of support needed.
Upon graduation, it is the desire of the DSPS program for each student to be able to embrace how they learn, utilize the tools they need to be successful, and be able to self-advocate.
We are not a resource program, we are a support program.

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The DSPS Admissions Process includes the submission of the following:

  • Completed Orange Lutheran High School application
  • Current psycho-educational assessment (dated within three years) administered by an educational or school psychologist
  • Current IEP or 504 Plan
  • Documentation of current educational accommodations
  • Interview with the Director of DSPS

Students are admitted to the Department of Special Programs and Services at Orange Lutheran by the approval of the Director of DSPS based on the interview, placement testing, and documentation received.


Comprehensive Support Lab  (one half-unit per semester)

Grades 9-12, offered on campus only

The Comprehensive Support Lab classes provide year-long educational support for students with identified academic needs, diagnosed disabilities, and specialized medical needs within the regular course curriculum. Lab classes are designed to help students develop executive functioning skills, manage their assignments, track grades and academic progress, organize lengthy assignments, optimize extended time allowed on tests, and benefit from additional teacher support with homework. This class included in Level Two support.

English & Social Studies – DSPS Comprehensive Support

These classes are designed to meet the specific needs of students with identified academic needs, diagnosed disabilities, and specialized medical needs and satisfy the Orange Lutheran graduation requirements. These courses correlate directly with the curriculum used in the general education classroom while utilizing accommodations that are appropriate for students enrolled in the DSPS program. More information on these courses is found in either the English Department or the Social Studies Department. This class is included in Level Two support.

PREREQUISITE: A current Educational/Psychological assessment and approval of the Director of DSPS. Concurrently enrolled in Comprehensive Support Lab.


Academic assistance is based on educational/psychological assessments and their resulting recommendations, as well as previous educational information, placement exams, and information provided by teachers, parents, and the student. These evaluations must be current, within three years, and are required for initial and continued enrollment in the DSPS Program.


The DSPS Program is divided into two levels of academic support:

Comprehensive Support*

Comprehensive Student Services is for a student who has an identified disability that requires additional support outside of the regular classroom setting, in an environment with a reduced student/teacher ratio. Classes include Comprehensive Support Lab, DSPS English, or DSPS Social Studies.

Foundational Support*

Supportive Student Services is for a student who has an identified disability that can be supported within the regular classroom environment through limited/reasonable accommodations including extra time on tests outside of class time.

Medical Accommodation Plan (M.A.P.) – A M.A.P. is based on the identification of a medical condition by a certified physician, where the condition obstructs the student’s performance in the classroom and as a result, he or she is unable to work to his or her full potential unless accommodations are provided.

*A student with a M.A.P. may qualify for either Comprehensive or Foundational support depending on the student’s additional needs.

There are additional fees for these services.

Please see the Tuition & Fees page for more information.


We will provide reasonable accommodations for each student based on each person’s individual testing documentation.