Deeper Learning Pathways at Orange Lutheran are optional, discipline-specific programs (similar to a college major or concentration) that allow students to discover and hone their unique strengths, interests, and passions as they relate to potential future career pathways. Students who complete a Pathway program will be given an endorsement on their transcript and will be recognized during graduation festivities for completing a well-rounded, challenging program in their chosen area.

Pathways start accepting applications during the spring semester of a student’s freshman year. For more information, including program fees, please explore specific Pathway offerings below.

Orange Lutheran offers the following Pathways:


The STEM Pathway is designed to offer students opportunities to cultivate their God-given talents in science, technology, engineering, and math. Through foundational coursework, experiential learning opportunities, and professional enrichment experiences, Orange Lutheran’s STEM Pathway will inspire and prepare students for college majors and careers in STEM-related fields.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Pathway is an endorsement program offering students enhanced instruction and exceptional preparation for a career pathway in the Arts. Pathway concentrations are available in Acting, Dance, Instrumental Music, Musical Theater, and Vocal Music. Students may choose to participate by way of Pathway Membership or the Academy Honors Track.


Pathway Membership
Students can explore artistic opportunities and enjoy the benefits of Pathway membership with fewer commitments. Pathway members are exempt from participation in extracurricular ensembles and private instruction, unless desired.


Pathway Honors Track
Honors participants are afforded extended opportunities to create and develop artistic gifts while earning special designation on their high school transcripts. Students receive assistance with the college audition process as well as individualized coaching throughout their Senior capstone project.

Visual & Media Arts

The Visual Media Arts Pathway inspires creativity and prepares students for college majors and careers in creative fields.


The Business Pathway equips students with the essential knowledge and skills necessary for success in a variety of business-related fields. Through foundational coursework, experiential learning opportunities, and professional enrichment experiences, students cultivate well-rounded dispositions and skills for successful participation in a global economy.


Students passionate about writing and literature will be challenged in their thinking, develop their skills in writing, be encouraged in their personal growth and strengthen their faith in Christ.

Global Citizens

The Global Citizens Deeper Learning Pathway is a holistic deeper learning pathway designed for students who are passionate about exploring local and global communities in ways that lead to active and informed global citizenship. Students will also engage in experiential learning opportunities to develop generative thinking, effective communication across cultures, compassionate listening, and creative problem-solving.