Academies at Orange Lutheran are optional, subject-specific programs (similar to a college major or concentration) that offer the opportunity for students to explore their unique strengths, interests, and passions as it relates to a potential future career path. Students who complete an Academy program will be given an endorsement on their transcript as well as recognition during graduation festivities, recognizing their accomplishment of completing a well-rounded, yet challenging program in their chosen area.
Most Academies will start accepting applications during the spring semester of a student’s sophomore year, however, the process may vary by Academy.
For more information, including current program fees, please complete the form below (current students only) or email

Orange Lutheran offers the following Academies:


The STEM Academy is designed to offer students the opportunities and motivation to best use their God-given talents in science and math. Students who flourish in this program will be gifted in those areas and desire to be challenged at the highest level. Through a foundation of Honors and AP coursework, and supplemented by real-world opportunities, Orange Lutheran’s STEM Academy will inspire and prepare students for majors and careers in STEM-related fields.

Performing Arts

Intended to provide musically-gifted students the opportunity to fulfill their potential in the arts, the Performing Arts Academy offers an expanded course structure to prepare students for specialized studies on stage.

Visual Arts

Builds a community of diverse, creative individuals working in a variety of media forms who use their talents and abilities to create, communicate, and cultivate discussion. Students also gain valuable skills that transfer into a variety of career paths within the arts.


Equips students with the practical values and skills needed to be effective Christians in the business world while providing them with habits that will help them grow in order to stand out and to make a difference. Business Academy students receive hands-on experience through their involvement in multiple on-campus operations, such as the Lancer Store, marketing, and the OLu Cafe. For more information, contact Michael Finley, Business Academy Director, at


Students who participate in the Ministry Academy explore and discover their giftedness in ministry vocations and facilitate specific training and experiences in specific fields of ministry. Emphases include Christian Education, Pastoral Ministry, Worship Arts, and Youth Ministry.


Students passionate about writing and literature will be challenged in their thinking, develop their skills in writing, be encouraged in their personal growth and strengthen their faith in Christ.