OLu recognizes that when students venture to new places outside of their comfort zone, students can express the Gospel message they have internalized. The words of St. Francis of Assisi summarize our approach to Academic Travel: “Preach the gospel at all times, and if you need to, use words.”

In addition to expanding cultural knowledge, studies show that students who travel outside of their country of residence increase their curiosity, self-confidence, and their ability to succeed in life. Academic Travel through Orange Lutheran offers a unique opportunity for students to become global citizens.


Orange Lutheran is proud to partner with EF Educational Tours (EF), the world’s largest educational travel company, to provide a safe, fun, cost-effective, and transformative experience for students and their families.

To further aid in this effort, OLu has a Travel Coordinator who acts as a liaison between the school and EF. The Travel Coordinator also works closely with faculty and staff members who plan and chaperone academic travel to ensure that the specific needs of our constituents are met.


Students who travel abroad can receive .25 credits, along with a special designation placed on their transcript, that highlights their particular travel experience. This mark gives them concrete recognition for independent course work completed before, during, and after their academic travel.


Germany, Prague and the Alps
Mid-June 2024 (11 days)
Lead Teacher: Mr. Peter Lark
Costa Rica
Mid-June 2024 (8 days)
Lead Teacher: Miss Pilar Orellana