The purpose of the Board of Directors is to establish high standards of excellence in Christ-centered education, assure the sustainability of the ministry of Orange Lutheran High School, and provide accountability to its constituent groups. The Board of Directors will ensure that Orange Lutheran High School:

    • Provides a Christ-centered Lutheran education
    • Makes students its number one priority
    • Creates Christian citizens for a global world through teaching a Biblical worldview
    • Strives to make disciples where faith is internalized. Faith is lived out through a focus on service, missions, and vocational choices.
    • Has an intentional connection with stakeholders, spiritual leadership, and lay involvement
    • Has transparent accountability and clear communication


  • Amy Blain – Board Chair/President
  • Walt Luchinger – Vice Chair
  • Robert van der Goes – Secretary
  • John Bustrum
  • Linda Christopher
  • Daryl Cole
  • Rev. Scott Christenson
  • Rev. Tim Eaton
  • Peggy Greene
  • Robin Gomes
  • David Heim
  • Susan Hirzel
  • Jenny Jordan
  • Marlo Mole
  • Andy Seagren
  • Michelle Southall
  • Rev. Kinh Vu